We at Prakash Offset have been serving the printing needs of our clients since 1994. With the change in technology over the years we have upgraded, still we think of ourselves as a family run business focused on developing and enriching customer relationship.

Customer centricity & satisfaction is the root of our organization. We work closely with our clients to customize the services we provide, based on their specific needs. We’re proud to be a leading Printing Service in Pune and willing to go the extra mile whenever and wherever needed.

Mr. Vivek D. Velankar & Mr. Rahul R. Velankar are partners and visionaries of Prakash Offset.

Mr. V. D. Velankar (G.D. Arts- Gold Medalist) started this enterprise as an extension of the already established creative designing service and grew the business by & large.

Mr. Rahul Velankar who has completed his BE in Printing Technology joined the organization and with his strong technical background helped it to grow multi-fold by bringing in latest state of art printing technology.

Being a great service provider means having complete and total confidence in the people providing those services, and we’re proud to have the best pros in the business working with us. Our workforce is highly qualified, trained and dedicated to offer diverse and specialized services to our clients. With a focus on personalized service, competitive rates and customer satisfaction, we’re always striving to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.